KAOKO Motorcycle Throttle Stabilizers

World leaders in friction type Throttle Stabilizers

Having a KAOKO Throttle Stabilizer also known as cruise control, can make your everyday commute more comfortable by allowing you to cruise even at low speeds by adding rotational resistance to the throttle, keeping your throttle in place, freeing up tension in your hand and wrist.

Off-road riding on bumpy roads can often cause you to clench your throttle to maintain throttle control, potentially causing wrist strain – this is where a KAOKO throttle stabilizer can make a big difference in riding comfort by adding friction & rotational resistance to the throttle – thus making off road riding much easier and more comfortable.

KAOKO Throttle Stabilizers can be engaged and used at any speed – as opposed to electronic cruise controls that can only be engaged at certain speeds (40-60 km/h). This makes the KAOKO a perfect accessory for cruising at any speed & can be used in conjunction with your electronic cruise control.

Because of fly-by wire’s responsiveness, your bike’s throttle can often feel twitchy. However – when using a KAOKO in conjunction with your fly-by wire throttle, you can eliminate the twitchy response.

This is because the KAOKO – when fully or partially engaged – adds just enough friction & rotational resistance for more throttle control! This is achieved by the KAOKO applying rotational resistance to the throttle


Cruising Bikers are the Australian Distributors of KAOKO Motorcycle Throttle Stabilizers for the following motorcycle brands.. 

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