What it is

Kaoko Throttle Stabilizer - Cruise Control

A throttle lock for the R1200RT



On long motorway rides it's very handy if you can lock the twist grip in position and rest your hand - a sort of 'Poor Man's' cruise control. BMW has offered an optional twist grip friction screw on its range for many years, but possibly because they offer full electronic cruise control on the 1200RT as an option, it's been dropped. The search was on for a suitable alternative.

And this was the most suitable device I could find, the Kaoko Cruise Control, a replacement bar end weight with a friction nut built in. When you roll the knurled friction nut towards you, it tightens against the end of the twist grip; holding it in position - simple!




The threads are cut with a left hand thread, the opposite to normal. This means that when you close the twist grip, it has a tendency to slacken the friction nut off, releasing the twist grip further.



The weight I presume is steel, but the knurled friction ring is some kind of hard plastic. As you can see in the picture below, screwing that Allan grub screw in pushes a section of the thread ring against the female thread of the bar end weight introducing additional friction if needed.




Removing the original bar end weight with a 7mm Allan key, I was pleased to see the plastic of the twist grip protruding slightly from the rubber grip, so the Cruise Control can grip against that, not the rubber.



I fitted the Cruise Control with the grub screw facing forward and the twist grip just free to turn. Initially It was a little stiff in use, even though the Allen grub screw wasn't tightened up. I put a little Silicone grease on the threads (they were dry) and that solved that problem.



After minor adjustment of the knurled friction nut I can secure the twist grip with just a quarter turn, possibly less with a little fine adjustment.



In use:

I found with a little practice I could turn the friction nut with the heel of the right hand while still holding the throttle in position, so all in all, a very neat and unobtrusive solution to the missing throttle lock problem.


Heated Grips:

A word of caution, if you turn your heated grips on they will expand with the heat generated, if you have the Cruise Control engaged while they heat up, it could become tight and difficult to close the throttle, take care, don't get caught out.



Just as a point of interest, this is how I receive my 'Cruise Control'. Nothing wasted on flashy packaging here! I guess it was never intended to sit on a dealers shelf looking pretty.